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At the end of the 19th century, séances were a common practice, although apparently opposed by the Catholic Church, this practice was nonetheless accepted as it showed the existence of life after death and confirmed the importance of praying the ancestors.

Spiritualism became well-known by the noble and wealthy families of the Biella area, and its greatest interpreter was the architect Giuseppe Maffei.

The tragic death of Amalia Fasciotti, the young wife of Senator Federico Rosazza Pistolet, and the premature death of his daughter Ida at 17, got him to find hope in spiritism.


The rituals of the seance: Federico Rosazza

At first, Federico subscribed to the magazine “The annals of Spiritism”, then he met the spiritualist Giuseppe Maffei, drawing teacher of his daughter Ida, that changed his life forever, above all when he started a spiritual journey with him. deciding to take part to sĂ©ances.

In one of these first sessions, he was surprised to be contacted by his daughter Ida, by his father Vitale and other famous people who guided him in life, radically changing his future.

According to people the Ida spirit still whispers messages in Rosazza, with greater insistence in the places where the Senator used to plan his great works.

But the mysteries don’t end here…

There are so many 5-pointed stars in Rosazza and each of them reminds her: Ida, the young daughter of Federico Rosazza Pistolet, who died when she was only 17.

Why are there so many stars in Rosazza?

Because Ida, during the spiritual seances, was the guide from heaven who led her father to a deep path of initiation to reach his own inner truth and open his heart to the world, with the aim of devoting himself to others with altruism.

The daughter’s name also recalled a myth handed down by Arato, according to which the young nymph Ida, after having helped Zeus, was rewarded by him who transformed her into the constellation Ursa Minor.

And it is precisely in this constellation that the most important star is found: the North Star.

Before the invention of radar and geolocation systems, as well as GPS, the North Star was used as a guide in navigation. This may be due to the fact that it is oriented towards the geographic celestial pole.

But what stands out in Rosazza is its spiritual symbolism: the 5-pointed star also represents the esoteric search for one’s own Truth. One of the uses of the North Star was that it could give all the answers to life’s questions.

Was Federico Rosazza Pistolet able to find them?

We look forward to meeting you in Rosazza for an esoteric tour full of magic and mystery.