Rosazza Esoterica - Riccardo Gambi - Irene Belloni


Irene Belloni

  •  Mystery Researcher
  • TV presenter
  • Writer
  • Event organizer
  • President of the White Rabbit Event Cultural Association
  • Professor at the Biellese Academy

Riccardo Gambi

  •  Mystery Researcher
  • Parapsychology teacher
  • Vice President of the White Rabbit Event Cultural Association
  • Dowser
  • Director
Colossal pines acted as an intermediary between earth and sky, lifting the imprinted fantasies in the ether. The branches swayed in response to the calls of the wind which instructed them in the mysteries of the world. The dreams of Federico Rosazza and Giuseppe Maffei, impressed in stone, lived along the streets of the town.”

L’occhio di Horus –
Irene Belloni

Rosazza Esoterica, the first esoteric tour down the streets of the most mysterious village of Italy, was created by Irene Belloni and Riccardo Gambi. The aim is to discover the secrets imprinted on the stone by an ancient initiatory knowledge involving Freemasonry, the Templars, the Secret Doctrines and Ancient Egypt.

Thanks to a path undertaken of initiation into the mysteries, as well as the research of ancient texts, interviews with national and international researchers, trips and writing, coincidences have led us to the creation of an esoteric tour that allows participants to experience first hand the encounter with the secrets buried under the sands of time.

There are many questions when one approaches esotericism, for this reason the first test to face is fear and overcoming one’s prejudices.

During our tours, the purpose is to discover a system of thought and a gaze that, since the beginning of time, has hidden a method reserved to few people to approach the sacred through symbols, myths, ritualistic and initiatory practices.

Many people still today associate esoterism with Satanism denying the millennia of history that have crossed disciplines such as alchemy, magic, occultism and movements, initiatory orders and characters who have manifested their secrets such as Gnosticism, the Templars, the Rosicrucians, Freemasonry and Theosophy.

During our tours we will discover together the initiatory schools in Ancient Egypt, the Gnostic fraternity of the Ophites, the forgotten cult of Abraxas, the Comacini Masters and Freemasonry.

All this in a simple, experiential and fun way, so as to adapt to a younger audience as well, leaving everyone to participate out of curiosity and joy.

From the mysteries of Ancient Egypt to the rite of incubation, from rough stone to cubic stone, with an attentive eye to the path of the profane in Freemasonry, we await you for an esoteric tour full of pathos, mystery and fun.


Personal growth and the desire to get to lost wisdom have led us to meet many special people, researchers with whom we have shared our researches. Most of them have become friends and adventure companions with whom we have shared journeys to powerful and mysterious places.

When we start a journey towards an inner truth, we meet people, souls who guide us towards knowledge by reading books, recommended by experts, and experiences with researchers and archaeologists. Our passion for research gets from the desire to intuit the truths, the mysterious doctrines that the ancients have left on stone since prehistoric times.

Whether you are visiting a megalithic site, a church, or a monumental cemetery, the symbols that have been imprinted have a deep meaning that your conscience can awaken, through intuition.

Irene e Riccardo



We have collaborated with many researchers and shot documentaries and interviews, which are published on our YouTube channel.

Here you can find the video of Torino Alchemica, shot with the Turin mystery writer Laura Fezia and the dowser Gianni Cerruti, collaborator of the Mistero television program.

 If you are looking for adventure you can follow us to discover the Val di Susa and the lost city of Rama, with the researcher Andrea Cogerino.

 Our knowledge of English has allowed us to meet internationally renowned researchers and share their research. Follow us in this video to discover the Pyramid of Mongrando, in Biella, with the researcher Sam Osmanagich, discoverer of the Pyramids of Bosnia, and with the South African researcher Michael Tellinger, discoverer of the oldest megalithic site in the world: the Calendar of Adam.

Since 2022 we have launched a new project: a TV series entitled “Destination – Towards Unknown Places”, created for the on-demand TV Kosmo TV, conducted by the researcher and presenter Irene Belloni, shot by Riccardo Gambi and Alessandro Bertolin, which sees the participation of the journalist and writer Enrico Baccarini, the researcher Andrea Cogerino and Stefania Tosi and the archaeologist and writer Filippo Bardotti.

Contact us to organize a private tour, to organize an event for your wedding, for a team building experience among puzzles and secrets.

Treat yourself to an unforgettable event or donate it to those closest to your heart.

An initiatory journey in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

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